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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for Associated Colleges in China.

Summer Budget Sheet for Associated Colleges in China
Summer Budget Sheet for Associated Colleges in China
Budget Item Cost
Program Tuition and Fees *   $6,900.00
Hopkins Program Deposit (click for explanation) *   $0.00
Housing (included) *   $0.00
Hopkins International Health Insurance (included) *   $0.00
Excursions (included) *   $0.00
Hopkins Per-Credit Summer Study Abroad Fee (2019)* *   $1,290.00
*Billable subtotal:  $8,190.00
Meals   $840.00
Airfare   $1,800.00
Books & Course Supplies   $100.00
Personal & Miscellaneous Expenses   $1,000.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $3,740.00
Total: $11,930.00
** Hopkins charges summer study abroad programs a per-credit fee equivalent to 12% of full-year tuition divided by 30 credits. This comes to approximately $215 per credit based on the estimated cost of 2018-19 tuition. The fee amount listed above assumes the maximum number of credits offered by the program. If you decide not to apply all of the credits to your Hopkins degree, we will adjust the fee amount accordingly. The Hopkins per-credit summer study abroad fee will not be charged to your Student Account until the Fall, after you and your transcript return from the program and you have had a credit evaluation meeting with the Director of Study Abroad.

Please note that all costs are estimates as provided by the program sponsor and may be subject to change. Some program sponsors or universities abroad may have tuition supplemental fees for specific courses and supplemental fees for housing and/or board. 

Study Abroad Programs may cost more or less than a semester at Johns Hopkins, depending on the program and location. Hopkins will not increase your financial package beyond the amount you will receive for a semester or academic year at JHU and, in some cases, Hopkins will reduce your institutional aid package if the cost of attendance is significantly lower than the cost of attendance at JHU. Johns Hopkins extends portability of federal, state and institutional financial aid to Johns Hopkins Departmental Study Abroad Programs, Approved Study Abroad Provider Programs and to Direct Enrollment in a University Abroad for the fall semester, spring semester or academic year. Financial aid, including institutional aid may be applied toward the cost of these programs.

Students with credit balances may request a refund online via Student Accounts. Refund requests cannot be processed any earlier than 10 days prior to JHU’s first day of classes.  

The JHU Office of Study Abroad administers partial scholarships for study abroad (usually between $500 and $2,500). These awards are both need and merit based and are competitive. For more information about these scholarships, as well as about external funding opportunities, please visit our Scholarships web page.
* Billable item